Monday, September 27, 2010

DH3RM Homemade Mag Loop

I have always been fascinated with antennas... especially portable and small indoor antennas. I worked Rainer DH3RM and he sent me this info on his indoor antenna ... Isn't it amazing what a person can use to communicate around the world !!

Hello Todd,

Here my picture of my homemade MagLoop antenna,
it's working under the roof.
14m high over the ground.
Diameter 1,1m
Material is aluminum for pipes to heated floor.
The split capacitor with 5 to 28 pF with little gear drive.
You also looking at, pictures coming soon.

Our QSO today on 21 Mhz at 1523 UTC.

73 and happy weekend

Rainer, DH3RM


VE3WDM said...

It's great to see ham's who don't need the mega antennas to make contacts. It's really not about antennas but skill.

Ed N4EMG said...

That truly is amazing! I sometimes sit around and pout about how my antennas are such compromises, but then I read about how someone does something like this that seems to be quite effective and I realize that they are doing incredible things with far less than what I have in the air. Shows a lot of ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Enjoyed your video of your contact with EL2DT as well.
73 Ed