Sunday, September 12, 2010

My 2009 CQWW SSB Contest Award arrived this week !!

Finally !!! ....My 2009 CQWW Award arrived in the mail this week..... I entered last years contest in the ... High Power / Single Op / Assisted / All Band  category ... This category is lots of fun because you can use the packet cluster to chase spots ... so there is never a dull moment !!
I submitted a claimed score of 3,412,435 ... but after the official log check ,I ended up with 3,272337 ... which is common for most all contesters.
I posted my all time best score for CQWW in 2009 ... so I thought I would share the final results with all those who follow my Blog.

Here are a few of last years stats....
I operated a total of 42 hrs out of a possible 48
Total contacts made ... 1973
Total CQ Zones worked ... 39 / I missed zone 23
Total countries worked ... 151
1st Place in 4th US call area
3rd Place overall in the United States
5th Place overall in North America
19th Place overall in the World

You can view my entire 2009 write up and overall stats  at N4LA 2009 CQWW REPORT
Don't forget to participate in CQWW 2010 ... SSB is October 30-31 & CW is November 27-28
I'm out of vacation days this year, since I'm headed down to J6 / St Lucia in December to play radio .. so I will not be putting in a full contest effort for CQWW 2010.
But I will operate on a limited basis, to hand out some points to all my fellow contesters ... hope to hear you in the pile-ups !!

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