Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SOTA Shack Sloth Award

I would like to thank Dennis (WA2USA) and Rich (N4EX) for their SOTA activation
efforts today ... As well as all the activators I've worked in the past few
This morning 5/28/2013... I worked Dennis (WA2USA)at 15:23 UTC (7.033 cw)... on
(W4G/NG-023)Big Cedar Mountain in Georgia.
This contact allowed me to surpass the 1000 pt chaser milestone and qualify for
the SOTA Shack Sloth award !!!
Not only did Dennis become a Mountain Goat a few days ago ... he also helped
transform me into a Shack Sloth this morning........
Guess I'm now a official " SOTA-HOLIC "
Thanks again to all who helped me reach this milestone ... SOTA Rocks !!!!!!!
72 de N4LA / Todd