Monday, September 5, 2011

The Signs ..... Fall & the "Low Band" DX season is almost here !!

As we grow older ... 
we'll always remember our parents and grandparents
 talking about the signs of the seasons.
So what are some signs that Fall is on it's way
besides the leaves changing color ?
The first sign I can think of is Spider webs ...
They are everywhere !!
The picture above shows a Black & Yellow Garden Spider
as it spins it's web across my back door.

These spider are NOT poisonous 
They are very colorful 
They are one of the largest 
One of scariest spiders in North Carolina !!

The second sign I can think of is ...
Caterpillar Nest
I took this picture today 
while out hiking with my daughter ... Taylor
and my dog ... Otis 

73 de N4LA

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