Friday, September 9, 2011

Team K7S activates Mt Little SI for Summits on the Air with Elecraft KX3

New Elecraft KX3 Video ( Protype SN #001 ) ... Video via Steve / WG0AT
The day before SalmonCon 2011 nine ham radio OPs as Team-K7S climbed Mt Little Si near North Bend, WA. Little Si is a SOTA summit - # W7/KG-134. Part of the Elecraft KX3 design team Lyle/KK7P and Rich/AC7MA brought along their engineering prototype of the KX3. We eagerly jumped at the opportunity to operate this coveted trail-friendly radio for this was the first time the ham public had access to a working KX3 prototype! For 3-hrs we tried hard to break Lyle's engineering prototype SN001 but we failed! However we all had smiles on our faces as we returned to base camp that afternoon just knowing we touched a KX3.

SalmonCon is a QRP focused conference which mostly draws NW ham radio QRP affecionados. Resulting in several days of presentations, good food and fellowship amongst friends while camping at Valley Camp - North Bend, WA

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VE3WDM said...

It's going to be a long lineup for this baby when it hits the market.