Sunday, November 7, 2010

IT's NO JOKE ...A Buddipole Vertical ... On 40 meters ... in CQWW SSB !!!

I've been trying to find some time to give a quick report on my Buddipole Vertical I used on 40 meters last weekend during the CQWW SSB Contest. Well here it is one o'clock in the morning... we just set our clocks back one hour...  and I finally found the time I was looking for (Hi Hi) ....I know what you are thinking ... That Buddipole Vertical is too small to be effective on 40, and it will never bust the CQWW  SSB pile-ups with only 100 watts !!
Well let me tell you ... 40 meter SSB, running low power during CQWW is tough for any station !!!! ... even with big antennas and big towers... low power on 40 takes plenty of patience and determination !! ... 40 meter CW is much easier with low power in my opinion ...and with the sunspot cycle still below par ... 40 meters at night is a busy place, since 10/15/20 are basically shutdown after dark.....  BIG POWER & BIG ANTENNAS RULE at night on the low bands!!
I was not expecting much... in the way of DXCC country totals with the little Buddipole Vertical.... but I thought it would be a great testing ground for the antenna.... I thought "If I can work DX on 40 in this environment ... then this antenna will be a great portable antenna for 40 meters ... and a keeper indeed".

So I guess you are wondering ... How did it perform on 40 SSB during CQWW ?

I was really surprised at the results ... 
And I think you will be also !!

Operation Goals ... To work as many countries and CQ zones as time allowed ... to test overall antenna capabilities and performance.
Operating schedule ... off and on after dark  ...3-4 hours total
Total QSO's ... 48
Total DXCC Countries ... 38
Total CQ Zones ... 15

CQ Zones worked .....

DXCC Countries worked .......

1 Spain
2 Germany
3 Morocco
4 Virgin Is.
5 Barbados
6 Aruba
7 Slovakia
8 Italy
9 Madeira Is.
10 Turks & Caicos
11 Cape Verde
Click on picture to enlarge
12 Portugal
13 Dominican Republic
14 Hungary
15 Brazil
16 France
17 Netherlands
18 Belize
19 England
20   Cuba
21 Mexico
22 Colombia
23 Netherlands Antilles
24 Hawaii
25 Slovenia
26 European Russia
27 Croatia
28 Moldova
29 Bermuda
30 Montenegro
31 Senegal
32 Sicily
33 Alaska
34 Liechtenstein
35 Canary Is.
36 Mozambique
37 Ireland
38 Greece

Not to Shabby for a  so-called ...undersized ... under-rated ... 40 meter (ultra-light) vertical w/ only 1 radial and only 8ft off the ground  !!
This little antenna amazed me on 40 to say the least ... I never expected these great results or so much fun !!
Was I first in the pile-ups ? .... NO
Were the pile-ups tough to break .... YES
Were there pile-ups I couldn't break ... YES
Patience and determination were a must with this set-up during CQWW SSB
YES YES YES ... this antenna is definitely a keeper !!
My hats off to Budd and Chris at Buddipole for a great antenna design !!
For more info on Buddipole antennas CLICK HERE

73 de N4LA

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- Paul - KB9AVO said...

Hey Todd

You might give the setup so others that have piles of parts can make the same one!! Looked Good

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