Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The "MAGIC" of Topband !!

Ever since I was a kid  ..the " Magic" of amateur radio has captured my heart in a way I find hard to describe.
When I hear that voice from "far away"... it just has that special sound ...  a sound I really can't describe ....a sound that just sounds ...far away !! 
It's the voice thats gets me up early, before the sunrise ... and keeps me up way too late ... it's the voice I may only hear once in a lifetime ... It's the voice that may only be there for a minute or even seconds  ... just long enough to make contact, only to quickly say goodbye ... Then bam !! ... it's gone ... just like "Magic".
The "magic" itself  happens when you're at the right place, at the right time, if only for a split second... It's when you finally hear that lone voice you've been searching for ... It's the voice that  may  be thousands of miles away on the other side of the world.... yet it's the voice, that sounds like it's right there in the room with you.
It's why I don't sleep ... I don't eat .. and I spend money I don't have .... It's Amateur Radio ... and to me, it's still "magic" after all these years !!

This morning I came in from work and done my daily ritual  ... say hello to the wife and kids ...give them the hugs & kisses they deserve ... and then for 10 to 15 minutes, listen for signals on the low bands ... especially 160 meters.... before I take my oldest daughter to school.
Well this morning I had a nice surprise ... I heard a pile-up on 1.832  at 11:43Z or 06:43 EST... It was VK6HD / Mike  working the states on Topband !! Luckily I already had the Alpha 78 fired up ... so I grabbed the CW paddles and threw my call in the mix ..... after quickly repeating my call 3 times, the "Magic" happened .... I heard N4LA N4LA de VK6HD VK6HD ur 469 469 BK .... I quickly replied  ur 559 559 and said 73 from NC ...Finally after 3 lowband seasons ... a VK6 was finally in my log on TOPBAND  !!! .... After the short qso ....I found myself shaking, like a deer hunter with his crosshairs on a trophy buck !! .... Is that crazy or what !!!

After our quick cw exchange this morning..... I sent Mike / VK6HD this (thank you) E-mail ...................

Hi Mike ...
Thanks for the Topband qso this morning at 11:43Z ... you were the loudest VK I've ever heard on 160 meters ...
You were also my very first VK on 160 ... so thanks again !!
I would like to qsl via LOTW if possible ?
Also wondering what you are using for equipment on 160 ... you were very strong here in North Carolina !!
I'm using a inverted L w/ 200+ radials on TX .. and beverage antennas on RX
73 de N4LA / Todd
Denton, North Carolina

Here is MIke's (VK6HD) reply ..............

Hi Todd,
Pleased we got you in the log for your first VK...The QRN was horrendous ...the QRN was not too bad on 80m so tried 160 but in the end I had to give it away. The QSO has already been loaded onto LOTW. I have 156 radials under the antenna and using an IC7800 .I used to have beverages but got fed up with having to repair them on a daily basis due to damage by kangaroos.
73 Mike
60 years QRV and still a great hobby!

What a way to start your morning !!! .... 

I love the "Magic" of Amateur Radio !!

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John AE5X said...

Pretty amazing - what is your antenna on 160?