Monday, September 5, 2011

The "Shelby Hamfest" 2011 ... North Carolina's Largest Hamfest

Saturday I rode down to Dallas NC
with my friend Larry Draughn / AE4LD
to attend the annual Shelby Hamfest
The  weather was great 
except it turned out to be ...
Hot & Humid as usual.

Ham turnout seemed to be about like last year
which in my opinion was ...  very good.
The only downside to this years event was ... 
due to storms the night before...
there was no air conditioning for the inside vendors.
And yes its was HOT inside.

As for Dealers ...
I was a little disappointed..
Out of the Big 3 ... Yaesu  / Icom / Kenwood
only Yaesu showed up !!
Ham Radio Outlet was there 
MFJ had the largest floor coverage as usual.
A big thank you to the ones that did show up !!

The new face at Shelby this year was 
and yes they drew a bunch of attention.
Now my question is ....
Where was Elecraft ??
They showed up at 
the Raleigh NC hamfest earlier this year.
And where was Ten Tec ?
They are located just across the border in TN ??
Come on guys ....
This is the Grand Daddy of them all in North Carolina.
And you decide to stay at home and not show up ???
What a bummer !!
Yes I'm a K3 owner & Elecraft lover
My hats off to FLEX RADIO ...
Thanks for showing up !!

The "BEST" part of the Shelby Hamfest
has to be the flea market ...
Even the "Old Buzzards" won't miss out on this !!

Did you know ...
 there is now a company producing 
the old fashioned "Caged Dipole" ??
It's called the DX Blaster

What about a ....
6 element vertical phased array
on the mobile !!
This was no joke ... 
this guy had this monster antenna on his mobile.
and yes he also had a amplifier !!

As for a hamfest location ...
Dallas NC is a great location !!
Personally I like this location much better than
the old location in Shelby NC.
Thank you SARC ... Shelby Amateur Radio Club.

Randolph County's Finest  ... at the Shelby Hamfest.
L to R ... Butch ... Ruth ... Larry
3 of my local  (RARC) club members
Good Friends ...
Good Food ...
Good Deals ...
Thanks for another successful ... Shelby Hamfest
I can't wait until next year !!

73 de N4LA

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VE3WDM said...

Good morning Todd,seems like you had a great time and the pictures are great. I can understand the hot day as up this way on Saturday it was around 38C. It was to bad that Elecraft was a no show. It would had been a great time to once again show off the KX3. As for Ten Tec true they are more or less just around the corner. You should email each vender and ask why they did not show up?