Friday, September 30, 2011

Cw Tip #2

Sending Speed
Back to the Basics
It is asking for trouble to call CQ with a speed faster than you can comfortably copy, because that will probably be the speed somebody will use when answering you.  Don’t get frustrated if the other station doesn’t slow down for you, even after you have sent PSE QRS (please send slower).  The other station may be pressed for time, in the heat battle during a contest, or has been operating at a fast speed for so long that they have difficulty copying or sending slower.  You also need to be courteous.   Do not assume that everyone who does not slow down is being a jerk.  If you cannot copy the other station, just say SRI TOO FAST, send them a 73 and move on.  You are sure to find somebody that you can work.

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