Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Backpackers Dream Set-Up !!

Elecraft KX-1
I've been collecting gear for my ultra-light backpacking set up for some time now... Here is the Eqpt list so far...
The Tranceeiver I chose was the Elecraft KX-1 ... This rig was built by my good friend Larry Draughn (AE4LD)... and its loaded with all the available options... It covers 4 bands 20/30/40/80 and has the auto antenna tuner installed. This rig is a backpackers dream weighing only 11 oz fully loaded !!
The CW key I chose was the Palm Mini-Paddle ... Dimensions only 1 x 1 x 3 inches –perfect for travelers, backpackers and outdoor-QRP-fans !!
I also included a set of ultra-light Ear- Buds ...  and a BNC to binding post adapter ... which allows me to connect straight into my homebrew  W3EDP style longwire antenna and leave the heavy coax at home.
I've included some pictures CLICK HERE of my Jackite 31ft fiberglass portable mast that I can take backpacking if no antenna supports are available.
I also have the option of my Mini-Buddipole or various end fed antenna's made by Par End-Fedz  when operating portable.
I encourage all you Hams to become RADIO-ACTIVE .... Go Portable ... Get Outdoors ... AND HAVE SOME FUN !!
73... From N4LA  

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John AE5X said...

Man, I haven't used my KX1 or operated portable in a long time. In another month or so, the wx ought to cool down to the point where it's tolerable to do so. In the meantime, it's nice to read about others who are more weather-tough than me!