Friday, September 3, 2010

Buddipole w/ Cap Hat ... on the beach !!

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Here is a recent report sent into the Buddipole users group ( BUG ) ... by Jerry / W5TDY 
This is a great example of  a high performance ...portable antenna system.
Notice it does not use a loading coil ... the cap hat gives it added length to make this antenna a very effective low angle radiator !!
Thanks for the report Jerry.

Operating Portable from Port St Joe, FL
Yesterday was a good Day to operate from the Beach. I setup the antenna 2' from
the waters edge. By the time I got through operating the tide had moved to the
base of the antenna.
I setup a 20 meter vertical using 2-22" arms, one 4 section shock-corded whip
with the Capacity hat on top. The wire "counterpoise" was approximately 16'6" in
length pointed north west. Feedpoint was approx. 9' above the water. I have
posted pictures on QRZ of 2 different configurations for the 20 meter vertical
setups I use with the Buddipole components while portable at the beach.
I was really excited to make contact with Bill W7ZT another Buddipole user.
Bill THANKS for looking me up and making the contact!
On Tuesday, I made several contacts to Austria and Central Italy with my
Buddipole setup on the Beach.
I plan to be on again today and tomorrow. I will try to post a note when I get
on with an open Frequency if possible.
Here is a listing of some of my contacts yeaterday:
Callsign Date UTC State 1st Name Freq.
W7ZT 9/1/2010 21:55 USA AZ William 14.265
K7RPR 9/1/2010 21:42 USA AZ DALE 14.265
KD0CTC 9/1/2010 19:36 USA KS DAVID 14.265
AC0SL 9/1/2010 19:33 USA CO DORIAN 14.265
K7KEG 9/1/2010 19:29 USA OR David 14.265
KF5DMO 9/1/2010 19:25 USA TX DAVID 14.265
W4GOV 9/1/2010 19:23 USA VA ADAM 14.265
KC8RMR 9/1/2010 19:21 USA MI Claudius 14.265
KC9MEO 9/1/2010 19:18 USA WI RUSSELL 14.265
W5TDY - Jerry

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