Sunday, October 10, 2010

SJ2W Contest Station

I talked to Mike at his contest station SJ2W in Sweden this morning on 15 meters ... Man, he had a BIG SIGNAL ...15 to 20 db over S9 at times ... which was 2 to 3 S-units stronger than any other signal on the band. Mike has a 6 over 6 stack on 15 meters and more big yagis and towers being installed as money becomes available. You can't even imagine how much it cost to build a station like this ... or the amount of work required to get it on the air !! If you like to homebrew.. much of Mikes equipment is homebrewed by himself and friends. He also has a great Blog at ... .. where you can follow his installations. Don't forget to look at the PICTURE GALLERY as well . It sure looks cold there !!! Take a look at these SNOW PICTURES ... How would you like to work on antennas in that kind of weather ? ... All I can say is ...  Mike you are a better man than I am !!

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