Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Grayson Highlands ... A Great Place For Portable Ops !!

Back on October 1st ... I took the family up to southwest Virginia for a overnight camping trip. We visited the Grayson Highlands State Park near the community of Volney. Unfortunately, I was unable to take any radio gear due to lack of space in our vehicle. We were car camping at the park campground .... and with my wife and 2 daughters, I had no room for slightest bit of radio gear. My number 1 priority was to make them as comfortable as possible. We had a great overnight stay... beautiful weather, except for the wind and cool temps ... Friday night we had winds in excess of 30mph ... and Saturday morning we woke up to a chilly 36F degrees !! I was out of the sleeping bag at 5:30AM and quickly built a nice warm fire for the girls.The park has access to numerous hiking trails, including the Appalachian Trail. The Hiking and backpacking areas are awesome with lots of wild ponies to view...  and the overall view itself is almost magical. I've been up and down the east coast, and this has to be one of the prettiest places I have ever seen. If you like to do portable ham radio ops, this is heaven !!.. or if you like hiking and backpacking ... this is the perfect place to visit. I've made the trip to Grayson several times over the years ... but never with a portable HF rig. I hope the next time I go ...  I'll be RADIO ACTIVE !! .. To view more of my photo's from The Grayson Highlands State Park in SW Virginia  CLICK HERE .
73 from N4LA

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VE3WDM said...

Well good morning Todd, sounds like it was a very nice trip and some good times with the family. I agree those temp's would have anyone up and at em early. Also very nice pic's of the trip as well.