Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guest at W4TJE's QTH in SW Virginia ... WoW !!

As many of you know ... I've had a sked on 15 meters ( 21.217 ) ..every weekkend ...with my old childhood friend...  Jack ( W4TJE )  ... since 1992 when I first became a Ham. Jack and I grew up in the same home town and have played radio since we were kids. Over the years Jack has sent me plenty of interesting photos from his QTH in SW Virginia .... If anyone is thinking of going camping or operating portable in the mountains of SW Virginia . You may want to think twice. This is a photo Jack sent me ... taken from one of his wildlife cameras that he monitors daily. These bears were spotted down his drive ...just below his house. I don't think I'll be operating portable from his QTH any time soon !!

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