Saturday, October 22, 2011

VK0KEV ... For A All Time New One !!

New DXCC Country
For N4LA

I have chased Macquarie Island for a long time...
and YES ... I finally put it in the log
If you haven't worked Kevin / VK0KEV ...
Time may be running out.
Kevin says he will leave the island in a few weeks.

23 Oct 11
I worked Kevin for an all time new DXCC country at 03:02 Z
On 18.153 SSB ( He was working split & listening 5 down )
Signal reports were 5x8 both ways
Sorry guys ... this one wasn't worked with qrp pwr and wire antennas
I worked him using 1 KW and my yagi at 100 ft

Here is Kevin ...
Operating as VK0KEV on Macquarie Island
54 30' S 158 57'E / QD95LM / AN-005

Thanks for a 

73 de N4LA

1 comment:

VE3WDM said...

Very good contact and as for the power you have to use what is needed. If true be known I have used a whopping 20 watts trying to make a contact. If I was to use a KW in my situation I would rattle some electronics for sure.