Saturday, October 15, 2011

My New QRP Station !!

Elecraft K2/qrp
Here is my newest edition to the Elecraft line at N4LA
My new K2 ... built by my good friend Larry (AE4LD)
This is the QRP version with CW only right now.
I plan to add the SSB module ...
 and the internal antenna tuner in the near future.
It now sits in my 2nd/qrp operating position.

Whats funny is ....
 Charles GW0LVH

said ...

The best method I found to improve my CW 
was to throw away the microphone! 
If the mic is within arm's reach it is all to easy to cave in and use it. 
My new K2 has no MIC or SSB !!
73 de N4LA

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