Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Beverage Antenna Install at AE4LD

I spent the day at my friend Larry's qth  ...
Helping him install his first ever Low Band Receive Antenna.
Its a 300 ft reversible beverage antenna.
The Transformer and end termination box 
was purchased from Bruce ( K1FZ )
Below is the link to Bruce's website

Here is Larry (AE4LD)
checking to see if the post at the termination end
 of the antenna is level.

As you can see...
Larry takes no short cuts
as a transit was brought in to 
line up the beverage supports.

Two types of antenna supports were used  ...
Here is the first type of support.
A 10 ft section of PVC pipe ...
with the antenna wires spaced 12 inches apart.
( Notice the big Opti-Beam in the background )

Here is the 2nd type of support
Electric fence insulators were used on the trees
Also spaced at 12 inches.

Here is the feed end of the reversible beverage
Electric fence insulators were used on both ends.
The two legs were then attached to a tree via 2 eye bolts.
The transformer will be mounted between the 2 wires.
It will be attached to to 2 antennas and also to a ground rod.

Here is the opposite end  or Termination end of the beverage antenna.
The 2 wire termination box will be placed between the 2 antenna wires
It is also connected to a ground rod located beside the post.
The antenna itself was made of electric fence wire.

Larry (AE4LD)
Radio-Active !!

73 de N4LA

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VE3WDM said...

That sure is some antenna I wish I had the land to put up a baby like that. I used the electric fence supports for the Alpha Delta DX-EE in the attic. They are very strong and work great.