Monday, February 28, 2011

N7UN / Portable... Ice Station Zebra

Last week, my good friend Guy N7UN decided to operate portable. 
The picture above is his portable set up.
Looks like it's still cold up in New Jersey !!
Below is a short write up from Guy about his portable op ......

It was a last minute decision to cross-country ski to the middle and setup operation on the frozen Waywayanda Lake in northern NJ.  Fortunately temperatures have been well below freezing for many weeks now so the lake was solid. Temperatures were in the mid 20's but there was very little wind and the ample sunshine kept me more than warm for the 4 hours of operating.  I had over 30 qsos from Europe to California on 20m CW and a few 20m SSB contacts.  My operating equipment was:

28' Jackite pole supporting a lightweight inv-vee dipole on 20m.  My ski poles supported the dipole ends.
K2 at 5 watts powered by a 4 amp-hr LiIon battery
Homebrew PowerFilm 12w solar panel to help out
Portable 5 ft Beach Shelter "tent"
Crazy Creek Hexalite backpackable chair
Lt wt 5' x7' tent footprint for a "ground tarp"

On this type of /p operation, I use a Palm key, a pencil and spiral notebook for manual logging.  Total backpack weight with water and food was 22 lbs.

Advice:  Take a big hammer to make sure you get the guy stakes deep into the ice!  And really good sunglasses are a requirement.  Sun glare off of the snow is very hard on the eyes without very good sunglasses.

Great job Guy ... Thanks for the picture and info !!
You can find more info on Guys portable ops at


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