Saturday, February 26, 2011

N4LA ... A Nice Day For Portable Ops !!

I decided to go out and explore the property behind my qth today.
 I found a really nice spot for portable ops. 
I live on a small ridge line here in Randolph county.... 
and this afternoon I found the highest spot on the ridge line...
 it's located about 1/2 mile behind my home qth.
 I set up my qrp gear and operated for just over an hour....
the picture above is what I took out on the trail today.

1. 100 ft of masonry twine & a golf ball ... works great for limbs up to 35 ft
2. Clipboard and note pad for logging
3. 6 ft X 8 ft ground cloth
4. My backpack for the entire qrp station
5. My antenna 28 ft Radiator & 3 X 16 ft radials
6. Splitter for headphones and cw reader
7. Earbuds
8.. Power cord for A123 battery ... Not Used Today
9 .MFJ CW Reader ... in case my brain freezes up !!
10. Palm Mini Paddle
11.  Elecraft KX1 Transceiver

I had 4 contacts within an hour ... 

N5PJ ... Perry in OK ... 20 meters
N0EVH ...  John in MO... 20 meters
HA7UG ...  Laci in Hungary ... 20 meters
WB3AAL ... Ron in PA ... 40 meters

Not bad ...  for a speaker wire vertical and 2 watts !!

73 de N4LA / qrp

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VE3WDM said...

Good evening Todd, very nice contacts for only an hour of operation. Unfortunately we still have lots of snow on the ground up here so most if not all portable operation is out of the question. Now there are some brave that do go out but as for me, snow and cold weather do not go together well. I too have the Palm paddle but I fixed it to the side of the KX1. I did not find the Elecraft keyer did not work well for me. I see you use the Pelican 1060 case. I moved from that to the 1200 Pelican case I am able to get all the operating aids along with the rig into this case. Well great job Todd and great blog.