Monday, February 28, 2011

J6/N4LA ... St Lucia QSL Card Update

Your J6 Cards are ready to ship !!

For those of you that worked me ( J6/N4LA )  while I was on St Lucia ...
All QSL request I have received are ready to be mailed out !!
As you can see from the picture above ... I still QSL the old fashioned way !!
Hand written ... One at a time

A special thanks to those stateside stations 
that sent a SASE and a dollar or two.
That really helps to cover the postage that was missing with some QSL request.

The picture above shows some of the cards I received from our St Lucia ops
Yes the Buddipole Antenna System works well ... 
as you can see by all the cards
It's the perfect travel antenna .. as it easily fits in a suitcase
I had many QSL confirmations via LOTW as well ... 
which really saves a lot of time and money !!

A special thanks to Budd & Chris at Buddipole
who made this DXpedition possible
N7UN / Guy
for all the organizing & foot work he did behind the scenes
The entire J6 Team ... what a great bunch of guys !!

We all met as strangers .... We all departed friends forever

73 de N4LA

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