Tuesday, July 5, 2011

High Winds on the 4th of July !!

July 4th Storms .. I'm lucky this time !
Storms blew in Monday evening and almost cost me a roof.
We had little rain ... But what we did have was straight line winds
reaching in excess of 60 mph just before the approaching storm.
In the picture above ... the 80 ft Poplar tree is now 60 ft !!
Here you can see the top 20 ft of the tall poplar tree
now resting on the ground. 
It sounded like Fire crackers 
exploding when it began to fall !!
This final picture was taken from my front deck... 
as you can see, 
these tree limbs are much too large 
to simply drag away ... 
The limbs missed my heat/air unit by 3 ft... 
and my roof by 10 ft ..
Fortunately there was no property or antenna damage
just a lot of scattered debris.
Guess today was my lucky day, 
since I narrowly avoided a call to
my insurance agent.
I'll have to fire up the chainsaw ...
to clean up this mess !!

73 de N4LA

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VE3WDM said...

Good morning Todd, good to hear no one was hurt and that property damage was nil. Up here the 4th was great no wind or rain overall it was one of the best weekends weather wise we have had in a long time.