Sunday, July 17, 2011

Great Headset for the Elecraft K3 !!

My New K3 Headset

( Turtle Beach  ... Ear Force Z1 )
I have often wondered what a "Gaming Headset"
would sound like on my Elecraft K3...
Well let me tell you ... this little headset rocks !!
The headphones or "cans" as some people call them ...
 produce excellent receive audio ...
The headset is both light weight and very comfortable.
The ear cushions incorporate unique acoustic-silencers 
to reduce background noise.
The Transmit audio, to my surprise was very good !!
The mic element is a electret condenser ...
The mic is quite sensitive and produces very clean audio.
It's also a noise cancelling mic that's very effective.
The frequency response is well balanced.
The boom is longer than the average PC headset 
and its nice and flexible, but not flimsy.
If you like the Yamaha headset that many K3 owners are raving about ... 
you should like this even better.
It's cheaper .. and in my opinion a much better headset.
Best of all they plug directly in the back of the K3 ... no adapters needed !!
I purchased mine at a local Walmart.

73 de N4LA

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