Sunday, May 29, 2011

Here we go again !!

M-Class Flares - Active Sunspot 1226 has a Beta-Gamma magnetic configuration and is capable of producing M-Class flares. An M1.1 Solar Flare took place on Saturday and a second M-Class flare has just took place early on Sunday. Region 1226 is being trailed by an additional sunspot group which has just rotated into view on the southeast limb. Solar activity is increasing and the Solar Flux is back above 100.

How do I Monitor Solar conditions ?
I use
IonoProbe 1.38 
IonoProbe is a 32-bit Windows application that lives in the System Tray and monitors the space weather parameters essential for HF radio. The list of parameters includes SSN/SFI, Ap/Kp, X-ray/Proton flux, and Auroral activity. IonoProbe downloads near-real time satellite and ground station data, stores information for future use and displays it in a user-friendly way.
Time-critical parameters, such as X-ray flux, proton flux and auroral index, are updated every 15 minutes. An alarm can be set up to notify you of a storm within a few minutes after its start. 

Space weather monitor for Amateur Radio 

For more info or to download the Ionoprobe software 
click on the link below

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