Thursday, December 16, 2010

J6 ...The Trip of a lifetime !!

First ... Let me say thanks to Budd/W3FF for the invitation to St Lucia.
Thank you Guy/N7UN for all the countless hours you spent organizing the trip.
Finally... thanks to all the Ham's who waited in the pile-ups to work J6/N4LA and the J6 team.
This trip was with out a doubt, the most fun I've ever had as a Ham !! ...
and with 8 guys splitting the cost it didn't break the bank.
The 8 man team got along very well which actually surprised me.
Usually, there's always a bad apple in the bunch ... but not this time.
We gathered as 8 total strangers ...
We left as 8 lifetime friends !!
The Pile-ups were amazing at times ... and the overall experience was more than I had hoped for !!
We ended up with over 7500 qso's .... Operations were very casual with no pressure
If you ever get a chance to participate in a "Caribbean Buddies Dxpedition"...
Don't pass it by !!
I met an elderly English lady on St Lucia while we were exploring
Pigeon Island National Park who gave me some great advice ...
She said ...
Life is not a rehersal ... this is it
Enjoy it while you can !!

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