Saturday, March 15, 2014

A testimonial of the new Key Concepts straight key !!

Hi Todd ...
Hope u are well. At long last a parcel arrived today! I must say it was well wrapped, well this magnificent key emerged from the box, a CW masterpiece of engineering! I must commend you on a wonderful ham radio product full of quality, after reading start up procedure it was into the shack to hook it up, WOW! CW sending never felted this good. My old German junker was the standard for nice sending but pro pump key smashes that now! What a joy it is to use this key and to look at, just had to mention it, sending u some photos me using key and my collection best regards ..... Romano (EI5EN).

This is Todd at Key Concepts .......
Many of you already know that I am now producing custom made CW KEYS ... exclusively for LNR Precsion in Randleman NC. Our (NT9K Design) "Pro Pump" is the 1st new production key of 2014. It includes solid brass components, with a "clear" satin brass sealant applied, to protect and prevent the key from tarnishing.. The base is made of top quality cold rolled steel with a crinkle black, powder coat finish. This key was designed for those old school operators who love to "pound brass". It weighs in at nearly four and a half pounds ! We hope to design and build more keys in the near future, including single lever paddles ... and small portable keys as well. 
All of our keys are hand crafted ... one at a time. 
They are also individually tested before shipping. 
For info on how to purchase ... click on the link below.

73 de N4LA

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