Monday, November 28, 2011

N4LA Update

Many of you have probably noticed the lack of blog entries for November.
So I thought I would give a brief update.
On Nov 6th my mother passed away unexpectedly.
So for the past few weeks, life has not been easy...
especially with the holiday season upon us,
Needless to say .....
My radio time and computer/blog time 
have been very limited over the past few weeks.
Thanks to all the support of all my ham friends 
around the world during this tough time.
And a special thanks goes out locally to my good friends
Jack / W4TJE  & Abe / K4MK
and also my church family
" Farmer Old Fashioned Baptist"
Over the past weekend I finally resumed my radio activities
and found it to be a nice distraction to the past few weeks
As many of you know the CQWW  CW contest was in 
full force over the weekend.

I worked a handful of stations of stations worth mentioning.
40 meters
80 meters
160 meters
* This was the first JA's of the season for me on Top Band*
As many of you know I also enjoy the SOTA program
"Summits On The Air"
On Sundays I typically relax and play radio if I get the chance.
This past Sunday I decided to keep and eye on 
for SOTA activations.
I was not disappointed, as I put several new summits in the log
VA2IEI / Dennis on VE2/QC-002 ... 20 meter SSB
KD0BIK / Jerry on W0/FR-107 ... 17 meter SSB
NE1SJ on W1/CR-007 ... 17 Meter CW
KD9KC / Mike on W5/PO-007 ... 20 meter SSB
WT5RZ / Ron on W5/PO-007 ... 17 meter CW
Thanks Guys for your summit activation efforts... 
as we all know
 some of these summits are not easy to get to !!
For more info on SOTA 
go to 

Thanks again for all the condolences
73 de N4LA

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