Monday, January 17, 2011

M0TNX is "Radio-Active" !!

I worked Kev (M0TNX) over the weekend on 17 meters...
 while he was operating portable on the beach.
Here's a couple of photo's of  Kev's portable set-up 
Kev had 25mph winds while operating.
Thanks for sending me some photo's Kev !!

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Kev M0TNX said...

Hi Todd!
Great to hear you last weekend, am out this weekend at a different location, a little closer to The English Lakes. I will be on 20M solely, and along with Keith, G3SZU, we will be operating both CW and Phone.
For other readers information, I use a Kenwood TS570DGE,100 Watts only. the antenna is a vertical dipole, with the plots I have seen through Eznec, I am achieving maximum gain at 7 degrees take off!
I help moderate a UK amateur radio forum Todd, and would really welcome any portable stations from around the world to join me at

Hope to speak soon, keep in touch!